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The Violin

A violin is our most-common selected instrument for events because of its versatility. It is the lead instrument in an orchestra, can be paired with any instrument, and acts as the melody for any song you select.

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The Cello

The cello is the larger, deeper version of the violin. It can be used as a solo instrument for a richer, more romantic vibe, or paired with any other instrument.

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The Harp

The harp is unique because of its versatility and its size. The harp accompanies itself so it can be used as the sole instrument if desired. It is also large and heavy (it's over 200 pounds) so it is ideal for a location like a church or a backyard as it helps fill the space. Harps and beaches though, don’t mix well.

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The Ukulele

The ukulele is ideal for bohemian style events - like the beach. It cannot be the sole instrument selected though and is best paired with vocals or the violin.

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The Piano

The piano is traditional and timeless, although it is very difficult and expensive to bring in to a location that doesn’t already have a piano on-site. Churches and some venues though, usually have one available.

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While string instruments are most common for ceremonies, adding vocals to your reception can completely change the vibe.

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I’m a classically trained musician, who began studying the violin at age seven. When my violin teacher encouraged her students to start performing in front of others - I took the idea to heart and started gigging for money in front of the grocery store in Naples.

Years later, when I started my degree in Entrepreneurship, I heard about the opportunity to perform at a wedding and eagerly volunteered my friends and I. To date, we’ve performed more than 200 weddings and special events around Southwest Florida.

Hey there, I’m Jade,

founder of Jade Strings

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Our services are some of the first typically booked for a wedding or special event, so we encourage you to reach out and secure your date as soon as possible.


“...the best money we ever spent! The music made the ceremony!”

“This was the best money we ever spent! The music made the ceremony! It was beautiful and people said they truly enjoyed listening to the before and after the ceremony music as well. We asked for some songs they had to learn and they did it without hesitation! We had a duo of violin and harp, but the harpist played the ukulele in some songs as well. Listening to Canon in D as I walked out almost made me cry because it was so beautiful (I only didn’t cry because my dad made me laugh with a joke...). Thank you so much for everything all year (all the emails I sent). Highly recommend this amazing string player!”