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Jade Gibson

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Violin & Viola

Jade is a violist at heart, but is most often seen on violin. She grew up in beautiful Naples, Florida where she currently runs the business. Her musical adventures began when her mom signed her up for lessons at age seven. Since then, she has performed with numerous artists such as Amy Grant, Game of Thrones, Frankie Vallie and more! She has studied under Joan Stewart (violin) and Lisa Mattson (viola). Jade was a member of the Naples Philharmonic Youth Orchestra for 5 years, and is currently performing with the FGCU chamber groups and orchestra. During this time, she received first place on classical guitar through the Naples Music Club (2016). On the side, she teaches Violin, Guitar and Ukulele to 15 students.

Jade is a junior, pursuing her Bachelor in Entrepreneurship Business with a Minor in Viola Music Performance at Florida Gulf Coast University

Jade plans to expand her business and/or pursue a graduate degree in business


p.s. that's a viola in the picture - also known as "the bigger violin"

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Sarah Ball

Violin, Ukulele & Vocals

Born and raised in New York, Sarah started her musical journey at the age of 4. Sarah is the newest member of the team but has brought on tremedous growth. Her vocal abilities have booked numerous vocal opportunities, all while perfecting her violin skills. During high school she studied under Virginia Wensel and was a member of the Rochester Philharmonic Youth Orchestra for four years. During this time, Sarah traveled with the RPYO on tour where they performed at Carnegie Hall. Sarah continued to study under Dr. Julian Ross at Baldwin Wallace University in Ohio as a violin performance major during her freshman year of college. Sarah is most often seen on violin, but has recently expanded into taking on ukulele responsibilities - because it's the most popular set up this year! She continues to share her passion for music through performance and teaching.

Sarah is a Junior at Florida Gulf Coast University pursuing her Bachelor in Elementary Education




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Being the little sister to Jade, her five year old voice couldn't help but sing. She sang in the shower, in between each bite at dinner, during nap time, and even during time out. Her mom finally said “that's it - we're taking you to voice lessons.” Since then, she's basically become a one gal orchestra. Everytime Sapphire picked up a new instrument, it was love at first note. Classical voice has led her to also learn classical guitar, violin, piano, harp, and of course - ukulele. The amount of times the Jade Strings Team have been stopped in traffic to wheel her two-hundred pound harp across the street has gotten out of hand. Countless hours of practicing has allowed Sapphire the chance to win first place in both the Naples Music Club (2017) and the Bach Ensemble (2017). In addition, she has had the opportunity to play with the Naples Philharmonic Youth Orchestra and Youth Chorus, Itzhak Perlman, and the Florida All State Orchestra.


Outside of Jade Strings, Sapphire works under a local doctor as a medical intern

Sapphire is a highschool senior, planning to study Pre-Med in the fall of 2019.


Laura Del Agulia

Violin, Ukulele & Guitar


Laura recieveda full-ride scholarship to the Bower Music School in 2016. She studied under the violin professor at Alexander W. Dreyfoos School of the Arts all throughout highschool. Laura became part of our team in late 2018. Alongside violin, she is proficient on guitar and ukulele. Laura has played with Amy Grant, Game of Thrones, ELO and more. Laura's father is a very acmomplished classical guitarist and studied guitar under him. She is fluent in Spanish and handles many of our east coast bookings.

Laura is studying Biology at FGCU

Antonella Chiappo



Antonella Chiappo, Born and raised in Miami. Her motto is “love what you do, do what you love”. Tony, as she is called by family and friends, loves dogs, the beach, reading and traveling. She first got interested in playing cello when tailgating her brother Alessandro to his Greater Miami Youth Symphony Sunday practices. At that time, she started noticing that there were no girls in the cello section. She got curious. The Summer before entering middle school, the GMYS had a Summer camp and she asked to join “to see what happens.” That was the year she started Middle School. Antonella has played cello for 7 years every Sunday at St. John Neuman Catholic Church in Miami. She has also played for 3 years in the GMYS and, has been part of the Miami Dade College Kendall Campus Orchestra under the conduction of Albert Bade which during her time there won an Emmy for the video game concert they performed ( you can find on YouTube) and was given an opportunity to record a few tracks for an up an coming artist who was collaborating with Pitbull. where she got her AA in psychology before transferring to Fort Myers University to study Music Therapy.