The Basics: When do you play?

For Wedding: Your selected musician(s) will arrive 30 minutes prior to assigned ceremony time. Musician(s) play while the guests are being seated up until right before the ceremony starts. We'll play during the bridal party/family walk and bridal walk. IF you'll be having a sand ceremony/candle lighting we will play during that as well! After the kiss/Mr & Mrs. announcement... we'll play something upbeat or requested as you run away!

For Special Events: Musician(s) arrive 15-20 minutes before to set up in the designated spot. Musician(s) will begin at the signed contracted time up until contracted ending time.

How does the payment work?

After the proposal is selected...

  1. A contract with selected proposal will be sent over.
  2. Shortly after the contract is signed, a deposit invoice of $100.00 will be due.
  3. Remaining balance will be due 7-10 days before event

Who plays?

Jade makes it to 90% of her weddings, but there are times when she gets double,even triple booked! When this happens, she picks her best musicians to take her place.


Everything she played was beautiful! I would highly recommend her!
— Staci 02.04.2018.

Amazing! She made my wedding everything that I imagined made my wedding to be

Josie, Englewood