Ya see, my mom has always had this reverse psychology philosophy. Anytime I started something and wanted to quit, she challenged me and said I could only quit when I became the best at it. Thanks, mom, I love you for that.  With that philosophy... I learned violin, viola, guitar, cello and harp.  I officially opened Jade Strings in February of 2018 and have  booked 200+ weddings within the past 1.5 years!

From performing on the street in front of a grocery store in Naples, to volunteering my friends and I to play at a wedding in Southwest Florida, my musical journey has given me the opportunity to play with big names and serve countless Florida brides.

I’ve had the pleasure of studying under Joan Stewart and Lisa Matson, and have performed with numerous artists such as The Who, Amy Grant, Game of Thrones, Frankie Vallie and more. I’ve also been a member of the Naples Philharmonic Youth Orchestra, the Florida Gulf Coast University chamber groups and orchestra, and received first place in classical guitar through the Naples Music Club (2016).  I am a two time winner of the Runway Program, pitching my business and winning over $15k. 

Outside of running this business, I'm entering my final semester of college at Florida Gulf Coast University where I’m studying Entrepreneurship and minoring in Viola Music Performance.

Jade Gibson

Fun Facts


violin and viola

Who would have thought that the seven-year-old that begged her mom not to take violin lessons would be a string musician performing at more than 200 weddings and special events over the last year?


Even though you’ll most often find me playing the violin at events, playing the viola is my real passion.


My sister, Sapphire, and I are both named after gems.


My dad played trombone in high school and my grandma played piano for us when we were growing up, but other than that no one in my family is musically inclined.


My mother is an immigrant from Nicaragua, but I do not speak Spanish. Sorry, mom.


I’m actually studying Entrepreneurship in college, not music, and most of the girls that work for Jade Strings are studying something other than music.

Once her mom signed her up for voice lessons, it wasn’t long before she became a one gal orchestra.

Sapphire won first place in both the Naples Music Club (2017) and the Bach Ensemble (2017) and has had the opportunity to play with the Naples Philharmonic Youth Orchestra and Youth Chorus, Itzhak Perlman, and the Florida All-State Orchestra.

Outside of Jade Strings, Sapphire works under a local doctor as a medical intern, she plans to study Pre-Med in the Fall of 2019. 

Sapphire Gibson

harp, ukulele, violin, and vocals

Born and raised in New York, Sarah started her musical journey at the age of four.

Sarah has studied under Virginia Wensel and was a member of the Rochester Philharmonic Youth Orchestra. During this time, Sarah traveled with the RPYO on tour where they performed at Carnegie Hall. Sarah later studied under Dr. Julian Ross at Baldwin Wallace University in Ohio as a violin performance major.

Outside of Jade Strings, Sarah is pursuing her elementary education degree at Florida Gulf Coast University. 

Sarah Ball

ukulele, violin, and vocals

Growing up with an accomplished classical guitarist, it was only natural that Laura would follow in her father’s footsteps. After earning a full-ride scholarship to the Bower Music School in 2016, Laura joined the Jade Strings team in late 2018.

Laura has had the opportunity to study under the violin professor at the Alexander W. Dreyfoos School of the Arts and has played with Amy Grant, Game of Thrones, ELO and more.

Outside of Jade Strings, Laura studies Biology at Florida Gulf Coast University.

Laura Del Aguila

ukulele, violin, and guitar

Born and raised in Miami, Tony became interested in playing the cello after attending her brother's practices and noticing there were no girls in the cello section.

She's had the opportunity to play cello for numerous orchestra groups and has studied under Albert Bade. She's even had the pleasure of performing on tracks for an up-and-coming artist on their collaboration with Pitbull.

Outside of Jade Strings, Tony has earned her AA in psychology and has started school at Fort Myers University to study Music Therapy.

Antonella Chiappo